I am 35 years out from stoke. In these years I learned to find passions that both made life good, really good,  which also helped me get better with my limitations. I learned how to function better by applying principles of neuroplasticity to the problems of my daily life. You can do this too. I will mentor you to go beyond what you think is possible.

This is the core of my coaching:  Find ways to make life good despite limitations, and Learn how to use neuroplasticity in daily life no matter what your neurological status is.

First:  Your special life passions — interests — are essential to making life good, even while feeling very limited.  Through the things you love, you can  in pleasure make positive changes in your neurological limitations.  Enjoyment and pleasure is everything.  Together we can enhance your functional capacities….with those pleasures in your life that make life feel good and purposeful…even creative.

Second: You will get a sensitive insider’s appreciation of your situation…your griefs, travails and successes.  As a survivor myself,  you can see the strengths and passions in who you are, even though limited in ways that are stressful. Loved ones, family and caregivers can see those those strengths in you.. and their strengths in how to support you.

Third:  There very practical tools and principles in applied neuroplasticity to help you live more easily and well…with purpose as you also continue enhancing your capacities.


Purpose: My coaching with people who live with  difficult neurological conditions — and their  loved ones — is to find the core passions and interests for life that can be lost in illness. When you know what they are, we can together see how to make use of them to manifest them into a progressively better life and improved function. That is, together, we will help your mind, pleasures and body to manage limitations and improve function.


I do this work with survivors and families because it works. I couldn’t have imagined in the very beginning of having a stroke and aphasia, the satisfaction, creativity and new functions that came from finding my central passions, even ones I didn’t know I had…. and step by step walking into a good, satisfying life, with progressively better functioning.

My background is in clinical psychology. However in this coaching work I do not focus on mental health issues per se. Most of the time I see emotion difficulties as secondary — by products — to the effects and difficulties of the medical conditions that a person lives with. Most emotions in illness are not pathological. They can become extreme when then are not understood as  signals, part of dealing with limiting conditions.


The essence of my work with you is to focus on two things: — (1) Pleasure, interests that can light up your sky and also be recruited to help change limiting functions, — (2) Neuroplasticity, teaching and applying practical principles to daily living to aid your brain heal itself.

You too can develop and grow a life of satisfaction. It can be done.


In the consultation process, we will discuss your whole situation, you and your family, in detail — strengths, concerns, difficulties — and help you and your family make decisions about what resources are available to you and how to use them for your particular situation, how to prioritize.

My experience and education puts me at the intersection of psychology, development, physical and speech therapies, education, medical practice and diagnosis and rehabilitation. While I am not proficient in all of those areas, I am able to make use of them to help make sensible integrations and workable therapy plans.